Masseria Chicco Rizzo

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The estate Masseria ChiccoRizzo is located in the heart of Salento, close to Lecce and Otranto and no so far from beatifull seasides. The farm started life in the eighteenth century as a “post-house”, long the Roca Vecchia-Naunia street connecting the roman road Traiana Calabra to the Sallentina- Later it evolved into the nerve centre of a large estate, or latifondo: the Masseria ChiccuRiccu. The structure was recently subjected to extensive renovation, which transformed it into an agritourism: the estate Masseria ChiccoRizzo. The estate spoils its guests with the great comfort of 18 beautifully furnished rooms that all open onto the splendid inner courtyard. This means that guests can pass through an attractive space to reach the rear courtyard and admire the beautiful swimming pool.

Discovering Masseria Chicco Rizzo

The particular ceiling-design and fireplaces make precious hall, restaurant and bar. The atmosphere in the restaurant is quite unique due the particular ceiling-design and the original eighteenth-century wood oven, framing the high quality of the culinary delicacies selected from local traditions. The builging has an original conference room that’s ideally suited to organising meetings and lectures.

The estate is a member of the “didactic masserie” group, which is committed to passing its accumulated knowledge on by using educational itineraries. You can learn how to knead home-made pasta following local traditions, as well as bread which you can bake in the old eighteenth-century oven, during the “cooking class” sessions.

The farm’s nucleus is surrounded by olive groves, vegetable gardens and fruit trees, all of them cultivated biologically. Another feature of this farm is the set of aloe greenhouses, that you can visit during your stay here.

During the harvest, we organise days when you can come and have fun harvesting olives and spending a day in close contact with nature. A visit to the farm can also be extended to take in a viewing of the traditional and modern techniques of harvesting and further visits to the nearby cave olive presses.

We organise guided tours to our farm to provide you with information about our various products and enable you to pick fruit yourself, straight off the trees, and rediscover its original flavours. Several hiking and biking tracks are available all around the estate for your green -tourism.

When you pass through the entrance of the estate Masseria ChiccoRizzo, the atmosphere of the past involves you in a very special experience…when you stay here pleasure involves all your senses and time slow down once again.

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