Palazzo Rollo

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Palazzo Rollo is located in Lecce’s old town overlooking the fascinating tower bell of the Duomo. The ground floor and a large part of the first floor have been transformed 13 years ago in a charming B&B. Thanks to the central position, the Palace impresses tourists and guests with its climbing vine that covers the inner courtyard of the Palace. In addition, the surrounding environment offers a stunning scenery on the main street. The discovery continues inside the palace, where part of it is still occupied by Mrs Adriana and her daughter Elena. Thanks to the barrel vaults, cross vaults and the tapestry that covered everything it is possible to immerse youself in old times.

Discovering Palazzo Rollo

The guests are the real privileged one, so they can enjoy a very breathtaking rooftop admiring Lecce from the high. A sight of the city that few people know. An amazing view on different types of chimneys, Leccese stone (a limestone rock typical of the Salento area famous for its easily manifacture), larges rooftops and, in the middle, the Duomo’s belfry which arise unexpectedly from the stones of the beautiful rooftop.

Even if the sight is wonderful during the day, the real show is at night when an espectacular sight offers a suggestive scenery of churches: firm light on the wide urban landscape.

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