COPERTINO (Lecce) -The event, conceived by the “Vico Serpe” ideas laboratory of Copertino with the participation of the Fidapa Bpw Copertino section, was shared and supported by the municipal administration (Cosimo Lupo’s Department of Tourism) in the field of the project “Vivai d’amore” and welcomed by a pool of nursery gardeners including Covisa, Fioravante Cipressa, Cairo & Doutcher, Antonio Sansone, Vincenzo Verdesca, Francesco Cipressa and Vivai Verdesca plants. In the two days, the more than two thousand square meters of Piazza del Popolo will turn into a huge “green” container in which various exhibition stands of plants and flowers of all kinds will be placed. But it will also be innovations, biodiversity, development in agriculture and the recent introduction of the green bonus to draw the attention of enthusiasts and onlookers, as well as the role played by plants in the mitigation of air pollution in built-up areas. All these aspects will be studied in depth through as many side events. That is, two conferences to be held in the nearby former Church of the Poor Clares, and during which experts, university professors, doctors, environmental and commercial consultants will face from their respective points of view the union between man, plants and the environment.

The first conference entitled “Che aria tir” is scheduled for 5 May at 9.30am and will cover issues related to air quality. After the greetings of the mayor of Copertino, Sandrina Schito and the president Fidapa Bpw Copertino, Stefania Petrelli, will be the turn of Pietro Angelini (director of Manuscripta) who with the help of slides will present the exhibition in support of the children of Taranto: “Ilvarum Yaga 100 designers against the red witch “, followed by Anna Maria Moschetti, pediatrician and president of the Environment Commission of the Taranto medical association, with” Nati per leggere “. It is no coincidence that the conference will be opened by Ilva powders, responsible for a deadly air pollution process, which keeps the places of the Ionian belt in check. Andrea Minutolo (Lega ambiente nazionale), will focus on the smog emergency, from whom and from what we must defend ourselves; Daniele Contini (Isac-Cbr Lecce), will illustrate the recent results of the Crn environmental climatic observatory in Lecce; Giuseppe Serravezza (oncologist and scientific director Lilt) will focus on the epidemiological data of Salento related to air pollution; Martina Maiorano (agronomist and landscape architect), will intervene on the role of green in the mitigation of air pollution. Concludes, Angelo Vogna, president of Vico Serpe; moderator, Giovanni Greco.

The second conference scheduled for Sunday 6 May at 9.30 am in the church of the Poor Clares will be introduced by Angelo Vogna, followed by the mayor’s greetings and will cover the various conjugations between nursery and landscape. Among the interventions, that of the expert and tax consultant in agro-food, Paolo Trani, who will compare the agricultural entrepreneur and the direct farmer. Stefano Marullo, the agronomist and technical director at Cairo and Doutcher, will face innovation and development in agriculture. Claudia Depau will follow the landscape architect at Ieps Colfontaine in Belgium, who will talk about nursery and landscape; Francesco Minonne (biologist) on biodiversity and minor fruits in Salento; Marco Sponziello (accountant), will illustrate the contents of the 2018 green bonus. Concludes the landscape designer, Vincenzo Verdesca; moderator, Maurizio Vetrugno.