Nardò, Mare, Barocco e non solo …..

NARDO ‘, an ancient city of Illyrian-Messapic origin, had a rapid development in the Roman period thanks to which it acquired the current urban layout in Castrum. Second Baroque center after LECCE (20 minutes by car), is strategically located in the Salento area ( it is crossed by the famous VIA SALLENTUM which gives its name to Salento), a few km from other renowned historical and seaside resorts. In this territory is the MASSERIA PAGANI, of which, the oldest part dates back to the fifteenth century and, among its most illustrious past guests, can count the great tenor TITO SCHIPA. The city is characterized by multiple monuments in  Baroque style, which we find scattered throughout the old center. Nardò, the Bishop’s residence, hosts numerous churches and convents of great artistic interest (Palazzo del Municipio formerly Castello degli Acquaviva, the Sedile, the Church of the Trifone, the imposing Cathedral) or the Teatro Comunale (annually place of numerous theatrical events); continuing you find yourself in PIAZZA SALANDRA (considered one of the most beautiful in Southern Italy, adorned by the spire of the Immaculate). To visit the Museum of Hospitality (Nardò was awarded with the gold medal for civil merit in 2005 by now president of the Republic AZEGLIO CIAMPI) for hiding, saving them, about 12,000 Jews during the 2nd World War. After a long day in the beautiful marinas, for example in the NATURE PARK of PORTO SELVAGGIO, where bathing is allowed and famous throughout Italy or in the crystalline waters of SANTA CATERINA, SANTA MARIA AL BAGNO or SANT’ISIDORO, all of which have been awarded many times for their beauty and for the quality of their water, it is possible to enjoy a lively evening activity, not frenetic, which is well suited to a QUALITY TOURISM.  A few kilometers away are also seaside such as PORTO CESAREO, (as not to mention Punta Prosciutto just 20 minutes by car) or GALLIPOLI (famous its historic center, 10 minutes by car). Finally, but not least, a land where the ENOGASTRONOMY makes it the owner, with products of genuine flavors and aromas, of local producers, that make the “restorer” of the travelers unforgettable.