The exhibition  “VAN GOGH- THE IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE” dedicated to the painter Vincent Van Gogh, has been inaugurated Last 16 March, at the convent “Convento degli Agostiniani”, in Lecce.

It’s a multimedia exhibition that has riched an international success all over the world. A real multi-sensorial journey in which the visitor has the chance to dive in the artist’s paintings with virtual reality, thanks to 3d mapping projections and the VR viewers,  and to assist to a real visual show, interacting with the work.

For the visitors it will be a new experience and an occasion to visit an exhibition in an original and unique way. They will be able to admir the artworks in a “trindimensional” way, and so more involving.

The recently renovated “Convento degli Agostiniani” is the perfect location to host the event, and it will finally become a place to live and visit for citizens and tourists.

In this way the range of initiatives available for tourists who choose to visit the “Florence of the South” and all the Salento territory becomes more and more wide.

The exhibition, produced and internationally distributed by Exhibition Hub and Next Exhibition and, for  the city of Lecce,  in collaboration with MusicOne Italia and Quarta Agency will take place until 16 June.